Karen Archia, owner-operator of The People's Perk, is also the artist behind Scrappy Unicorn Art. She works in her studio at The People's Perk creating  colorful, mostly abstract expressionist, acrylic paintings. "I spent most of my pre-coffeeshop working life writing about and for other people. Scrappy Unicorn™ Art expresses my unique voice and is another way for me to connect with and engage people. My larger paintings are like the conversations I like to have  - layered, philosophical, intense and warm. I also love it when people bring their own interpretations to my work. It adds to the experience for both of us. I also make smaller works using liquid acrylics and watercolor. Beauty is everywhere, including inside of us. I hope you enjoy my art work!"

Original paintings are for sale (unless marked SOLD), as well as prints and note cards made from the original art.

For inquires regarding purchase of original work, contact Karen at

To buy note cards or prints of these original paintings, visit The People's Perk Online Shop

Original paintIngs