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A Customer Called Me A "Mad Scientist..."

I'm always mixing up new drinks at The People's Perk in my effort to surprise and delight my customers, hence that comment about being a "mad scientist." Lest you think I am here at The People's Perk with bubbling beakers and oddly colored potions, I will happily take on the moniker because I took it to mean this customer was excited at the idea of wondering, "What new drink will Karen come up with next?"

I feature a Drink of the Month every month,  usually some concoction of coffee, espresso, milk and flavored syrups. For July and August, I 've featured iced teas. I mean, it's been SO HOT. I figured y'all would want a cool, lighter, refreshing option during the dog days of Summer. And luckily for me, you did! July's drink was The Strawberry Fields Iced Tea, a fruity, sweet-tart blend created by Vida Pour Tea, Greensboro's best tea crafter. It mixes hibiscus leaf, strawberry, apple, and cherry flavors, and I served it with a shot of raspberry syrup for extra complexity and sweetness. It was also a bright red beauty of a drink! I like making my drinks tasty and nice to look at.

For August, I've been serving up  The Island Life Iced Tea. I confess I made up this drink in my mind and didn't actually taste it before I served it. Risky, I know. But guess what? After my customers starting telling me how good it was, I made one for myself -- I knocked my own socks off. Once again, I took a delicious Vida Pour Tea blend, a green tea with lemon verbana and added an award-winning Hawaiian Island syrup from Monin. The syrup added flavors of guava, passion fruit and orange and a little sweetness. So, what I ended up with was a fruity, herbaceous, tropical, tart, pleasantly sweet iced delight. I love it when a plan comes together....

What's next? Stay tuned to my facebook page or Instagram feed for announcements on new Drinks of the Month. Want to sample a new drink during the development process? Stop by the shop and ask about what drinks I'm working on. Have ideas for a drink? Let me know. CLICK THE POST HEADLINE TO LIKE POST OR LEAVE A COMMENT.