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The People's Perk Joins Vida Pour Tea for Tea & Coffee Service at Triad Local First's Community Table

An excellent dinner for a good cause calls for excellent tea and coffee to cap it off. This year, The People’s Perk will join Vida Pour Tea to offer our products to attendees at the 2018 6° of Southern Community Table, the annual fundraiser for Triad Local First (TLF). The dinner brings together great local chefs, farmers and food vendors for a unique culinary experience.

TLF is a non-profit consortium of local, independent businesses in the Winston-Salem - Greensboro - High Point area in North Carolina. This year’s event will be held Sunday, Sept. 30 at the Double Oaks Bed and Breakfast at 204 N. Mendenhall St. in Historic College Hill (right down the street from us here at The Perk!).

Vida Pour Tea has been The People’s Perk’s tea supplier and partner for five years, so we are thrilled to have another opportunity to work with Greensboro’s best tea crafter. Special note: You can now buy bags of whole bean People’s Perk custom House Blend coffee at Vida’s shop on State Street.


Sarah’s First Facebook Live Video at Vida Pour Tea

We had big fun recently doing a Facebook Live video during our visit with Sarah, owner of Vida Pour Tea, while dropping off some bags of whole bean People’s Perk House Blend coffee (on sale now at Vida Pour Tea’s State Street shop!) and announcing the Vida/Perk tea and coffee service at Triad Local First’s Community Table fundraising event.

A Customer Called Me A "Mad Scientist..."

I'm always mixing up new drinks at The People's Perk in my effort to surprise and delight my customers, hence that comment about being a "mad scientist." Lest you think I am here at The People's Perk with bubbling beakers and oddly colored potions, I will happily take on the moniker because I took it to mean this customer was excited at the idea of wondering, "What new drink will Karen come up with next?"

I feature a Drink of the Month every month,  usually some concoction of coffee, espresso, milk and flavored syrups. For July and August, I 've featured iced teas. I mean, it's been SO HOT. I figured y'all would want a cool, lighter, refreshing option during the dog days of Summer. And luckily for me, you did! July's drink was The Strawberry Fields Iced Tea, a fruity, sweet-tart blend created by Vida Pour Tea, Greensboro's best tea crafter. It mixes hibiscus leaf, strawberry, apple, and cherry flavors, and I served it with a shot of raspberry syrup for extra complexity and sweetness. It was also a bright red beauty of a drink! I like making my drinks tasty and nice to look at.

For August, I've been serving up  The Island Life Iced Tea. I confess I made up this drink in my mind and didn't actually taste it before I served it. Risky, I know. But guess what? After my customers starting telling me how good it was, I made one for myself -- I knocked my own socks off. Once again, I took a delicious Vida Pour Tea blend, a green tea with lemon verbana and added an award-winning Hawaiian Island syrup from Monin. The syrup added flavors of guava, passion fruit and orange and a little sweetness. So, what I ended up with was a fruity, herbaceous, tropical, tart, pleasantly sweet iced delight. I love it when a plan comes together....

What's next? Stay tuned to my facebook page or Instagram feed for announcements on new Drinks of the Month. Want to sample a new drink during the development process? Stop by the shop and ask about what drinks I'm working on. Have ideas for a drink? Let me know. CLICK THE POST HEADLINE TO LIKE POST OR LEAVE A COMMENT.