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Drinking Habits, Decrease in Disease and Drones: Fun Facts About Coffee

Do Americans lead the world in coffee consumption? Yes and no. Who exports the most coffee? I bet you know which country is first, but do you know which is second?

I'm constantly researching coffee facts, news and java drinking habits, so here's five things I've discovered about the who, what, when and where of coffee.

1. Finland drinks the most coffee per person. BY FAR. In fact, the Nordic countries hold down all of the top six spots, except the #5 spot held by The Netherlands (which is still in the same region, i.e. where it gets really cold.) Italy, home of the much sought after and classic espresso comes in, surprisingly, at 13th place. But hey, those espresso shots are really small. We in the U.S. each have some catching up to do: we rank 26th in per person consumption. But apparently, we are upping our coffee game:  Coffee drinking has been steadily on the rise since 2012. And when you look at the statistics of overall consumption as a country, then yes, The U.S. overall does lead the world in coffee consumption.

2. It's not surprising that the U.S. leads the world in the most coffee consumed since our nation has the 2nd highest number of branches of that corporate coffee giant with the green and white logo which shall remain nameless.  Hmmm...I'll refrain from adding too much commentary on this issue, except to say that my coffee is better! You knew that was coming...But luckily, the statistics on independently-owned coffee shops are promising, with customization and specialty drinks helping us carve out our niches (did someone say People's Perk Drink of the Month?). The People's Perk hometown of Greensboro ranked as one of the top five cities in the U.S. to open a coffee shop, which makes us even luckier to already be part of this great city (People's Perk five-year anniversary this October 2018!).

3. A big surprise comes in coffee exportation. Brazil ranks #1  -- no, no that's not the surprise. That country has held the lead for 150 years, although their portion of the entire market has shrunk. The big jaw-dropper? Vietnam ranks SECOND. The nation went from having .1 percent of the coffee export market to 20 percent in 30 years. The rapid rise has brought challenges and riches to the nation, which is grappling with what it means to be a coffee giant, including its environmental effects. Interestingly, Vietnam has made its mark in the industry growing the lesser known "Robusta" coffee bean. It has a higher caffeine content, but is also more bitter than the more popularly grown "Arabica" bean variety (which is most likely what you are drinking right now). Hence, most instant coffee is made up of the cheaper, hardier Robusta.

4. Coffee is good for you. That's worth saying again: Coffee is good for you! It's not just my opinion, recent studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association have shown coffee consumption not only decreases your risks of stroke and type 2 diabetes, but also increases longevity. Turns out coffee's rep suffered because so many people who drank coffee were also very likely to smoke cigarettes.  Researchers finally figured out it was the smoking that was the problem, not the coffee. Even decaf gives you the health benefits since coffee is rich in phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants, and has anti carcinogenic effects. Enjoy your coffee, folks. A plethora of research sings its praises.

5. File this tidbit under the possible dystopian future of coffee (or utopian, depending on how you feel about your coffee flying at you out of nowhere).  IBM has patented a coffee drone that would fly around public spaces delivering coffee to people, and will even predict when people need a caffeine pick me up. Need I say more? No, I will not drone on...

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